Death and decay have their own beauty.  



These are pictures of cobwebs taken around the house.  A program randomly chooses 12 of them from the group.  Another program randomly chooses a palette of 12 colors from Crayola crayons.  A specific color is randomly assigned to each cobweb and then they are layered one upon another.



The procedure for the creeks is the same as the cobwebs, however, these are all pictures of Bolin Creek in Chapel Hill.



Trees - Carew Rice. Using only scissors and black and white paper he created silhouettes of people, landscapes, and scenes of everyday life.

Cobwebs and Creeks - Jackson Pollock. An abstract expressionist painter known for his unique style of drip painting.

Randomness Technique - Merce Cunningham.  Used chance procedures in the creation of his choreography.